Iponri by Fowokan

Ancient tales beneath
A crown ascending
Open and closed
Sleeping yet awake
Shadows of the soul
Behind a shuttered gaze

Dignity and composure
Honoured by deities
Mother Nature in bronze
A generational spirit
Carrying our yesterday
Your purpose is complete

Inanimate yet live
The chains unravelled
Glowing as the stars
Africa’s journeying spirit
An historical manifestation
Of destiny and creation

IBORI - repeats through Yoruba Culture
OKE IPONRI - the peak of Ibore –symbols of deities or ancestors
Oi rere - Transcendence and destiny - of those who do good
ORI INU - Spiritual consciousness in the physical realm
IPONRI - all must be elevated to achieve Iponri
(Ori orun) - The ancestral guardian soul

© Dr Isha Mckenzie-Mavinga 2008

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