Natty Bongo

Words by Ebun Culwin inspired by the sculpture "Natty Bongoā€¯ by Fowokan


Look at you – looking out at the world looking back at you
Looking out at the world like that
With that expression of…..
What is behind that expression?

I see you making a demand – that we see you –
That they see – because you see!
And …I’m proud of that demand and I wonder…
Are you able to walk in the world with that expression?
Because….. the waiting in the lives of our
Parents their parents and your parents is over?
Have we arrived?
Is it that you do not define who you are by the geography or
Circumstances of your birth?
Nor by the thoughts words and deeds of
Those who will disagree?
Or is it because death always wins?
Have we won over how we die?
Or have we replaced fear from them with fear of us?
Have we become prisoners without a need for bars?
Or do you look that way because you honour wisdom,
Duty, loyalty and power?
Inside your expression do you celebrate breathing in
Anxiousness, determination, anger, and fearlessness?
And do you exhale inner-pride, joy and love?
Did deliberation, emancipation and liberation teach you to
Look straight into the eyes of the future without chains –
Without walls, without the need to imprison the oppressor?
Son of Diaspora – does your confidence
Acknowledge family ties – on every continent?
Is it that you know your actions will contribute to a
Positive way forward – for the next – ten generations and more?

Look at you – looking out at the world looking back at you;
Looking out on the world with that expression of…
What is behind that expression?

© Ebun Culwin 2004

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