Richie Riley arrived in England from Jamaica in the mid 1930s as a member of a folk dance troupe.  He had always painted, mainly scenes of his beloved Jamaica.  He continued painting until his death in the late 1990s.



Rudi Patterson's "I-Three"




Denzil Forrester 

"The Funeral of Winston Rose" 

Oil on canva 1983


"The Red Room"


Image Not Found.


Keith Piper

"Black Assasin Saints"

Acrylic on stitched unstretched canvas 1982



Errol Lloyd


Acrylic on canvas 1970-71



"Notting Hill Carnival"

Oil on canvas 1988-90



Hassan Aliyu

"Struggles II: The Rise and Fall"

Oil and acrylic on canvas 1994-96 (detail)



Sonia Boyce

"She Ain't Holding Them Up, She's Holding On"

Cryon, chalk, pastel and ink on paper 1986



Sukari Douglas Camp

"Cheering Woman"

Mixed media



Gavin Jantjes


Acrylic on canvas 1988


Sand, tissue paper and acrylic on canvas 1989



Tam Joseph

"Learning to Walk"

Sand, acrylic and pigment on canvas 1988



Emmanuel Taiwo Jegede

"The Sacifice"

Acrylic on paper1994



Claudette Johnson


Pastel on paper 1990



Fowokan George Kelly

"Twenty Guineas" (detail)

Twenty gold-plated pewter masks 1994-97



Bill Ming

"Preservation Log"

Bog oak, sticks, rope, bitumen 1993



Olu Oguibe


Acrylic on canvas 1993



Eugene Palmer


Oil on canvas 1993



Tony Phillips

"Guide to the Twentieth Century" (detail)

15 etchings 1991



Danyjah Tafari

"Granny's Favourite Memory"

Oil, mixed media 1988



Aubrey Williams

"Olmec-Maya Confrontation"

Oil on canvas 1982



"Olmec Maya - Night and the Olmec" 1983



Tam Joseph

UK School Report

Acrylic on canvas 1980-82

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A small selection of the art produced by Black Artists in the UK, from the 1980s through to the 90s.